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This time our friend Eduardo will show us how to recreate a fancy hair, based on the complementary colors to highlight the figure of this wonderful goblin.

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this amazing miniature! This time we will see how to get a rusty effect on the goblin’s armor, don’t let the size fool you because the details will be just as noticeable as if it were a larger figure.

We continue in this third part modeling this incredible figure from “Yedharo Models” with the expert hands of our friend Eduardo. This time we will focus on our peculiar olive skinned rider, and, as it could not be otherwise, we will use our “Battle Orc” wargame starter set, which is almost like a distant cousin since they share many skin tones. Come and have a good time and learn in good company!

In this second part we will see with our friend Eduardo Fernández perform the most delicate parts when detailing a fantasy figure, such as horns and fangs. You will also learn how to tell a story through your model by adding realistic scars and lacerations. Stay with us!

We are back with a figure from Yedharo Models, essential for any Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder campaigns. It is a “Battle Rabbit Rider” and this time our colleague Eduardo will guide us to face a real challenge: achieving a realistic texture when painting animal skin on figures that do not always have a obvious pattern.

One more day we enjoyed the company of our colleague Eduardo on Twitch. This week we talk about the news of the incredible and varied products that AK Interactive offers in January. You can´t miss it!

In this last Twitch our colleagues Eduardo and Abilio make a review and balance of 2022, talking about news, modelling, painting and anecdotes. We already have our batteries full to start a new year full of content and news!

We continue one more week with our colleague Eduardo and his twitch afternoons. Check out the video if you want to learn a bit more about lights and shadows, space marines, and our dual exo paints.

One more week our colleague Eduardo brings us an amazing Twitch session where he shows us the use and features of our new Dual Exo paints. Haremos uso del nuevo Supernova Red. Don’t you know them yet? You can’t miss it!

aftertwitch #paintskin

Don’t miss the latest Twitch from our colleague Eduardo. We continue with the Set Children and we start with skin painting. Everything you need to know about colours and light creation to get an amazing finish.

Last session of our colleague Eduardo painting one of the children of our Children set. This week it’s time to learn how to paint denim. Don’t miss it, you will be able to learn some incredible tricks on how to generate lights and shadows.

aftertwitch #shadowsandskintones

We continue painting one of the children from our Children AK35016 set. Our colleague Eduardo teaches us in this session how to complete the shadows, details and skin tones to give an even more realistic look to our figures. Don’t miss his techniques, his tricks and his good humour while he paints it. Let’s go for it !

Learn with our partner Edu everything you need to know about light grading and colour theory. A very interesting class where our colleague explains everything you need to know to paint your next figures in detail. 🎨🖌️

We’re back with the brush and paints. 🎨🖌️ In this twitch session with Eduardo we will learn techniques to paint the weapon, specifically a bolter and the strap. 🔫 Don’t miss it!

aftertwitch #chippingeffects

Today it’s time to practice various chipping and weathering techniques with Eduardo! In this video we finish our project with styrenes in which we have worked for 3 sessions. Today we will focus on weathering to achieve a spectacular finish.

aftertwitch #styrene

Don’t miss the After Twitch of our colleague Eduardo Fernández where you will learn their uses, tricks and you will be able to make step by step a styrene structure for your next project. Press play because it’s super interesting and very well explained!