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by December 19, 2022

Hello everyone, today in this short section we are going to address the use of Weathering Pencils, a tool unknown to many, but one that is incredibly versatile and handy. First, let’s know something more about the product. AK’s Weathering Pencils are specially formulated pencils for our brand, both when talking about the range of colors and in the hardness of the lead, this is as soft as it can be without being impossible to be manipulated.

Nothing more simple and intuitive to use than a pencil, we have done it since we were children and this tool, adapted to our hobby, may be what we needed for a lot of effects and paint jobs. In addition, the price of the pencils is cheap compared to other materials. Do not stop trying them, you will see how you will not be able to stop using them.

There are two types, the metallic ones, which are five semi-greasy colors and the other thirty-two, water-soluble to the core and easy to use like a pencil.

Due to their size, they are ideal to be able to take them on vacation, without taking up much space, to work for a while on the hobby on days when we are not going anywhere. They can be used dry and wet, with or without the help of a brush. Let’s see just a few examples, where the only limits are what we set for ourselves. Everything you want can be simulated with the existing range.

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