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UBBE. The great pagan by Eduardo Fernández

by April 21, 2021

Facing the realization of a boxart is always complicated, since you are the first person who is going to go that way. In addition to being the reference for many of the fans who will acquire the model, your work can determine the success of the release. If you add to this the fact that the figure has been modeled by one of the best sculptors in the world, the responsibility skyrockets, since the expectation will be much higher. This is what happens with this wonderful work, which the master Raul Latorre has made for the Abteilung 502 brand. A 75mm scale model of historical theme, which the official painter of AK Interactive, Eduardo Fernandez, has faced with enthusiasm and respect. There are many painters who have interpreted Latorre’s works, but the Sevillian painter gives us his vision with his particular style of painting. 

The Scandinavian theme, besides arousing great curiosity, is currently in fashion. Cinema and television show us very striking and attractive stories with Viking protagonists.

A dark and cruel era in which our warriors performed to perfection. When the dragon’s mask or the raven of the sails of their incredible “drakkars” was sighted on the European coasts, they knew that destruction was looming over them.

They were known by all the rulers of the time, receiving names such as Northmen, Mayus or Rus among others because the word “Viking” did not define these characters. That word defined an attitude, to go out as a Viking meant to go out to rapine, to go out to war.